Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Startup Troubles: Listing and Selecting which Programs and Services should be run when Window starts up

A friend of mine today had this problem in her Windows 7 system, where whenever the system boots up and she logs in to the system, the system hangs up in a maximum of 2 minutes. I have myself encountered many such cases before on my own system too, but luckily, got through them by this and that. So I thought I should now write a post on these "this and that" things.

Talking about the reason why this happens, I will say there is some conflict between some programs, or a startup program has some trouble in getting launched. Also, if you have more than two Antivirus programs, this is the most likely reason for the freezing up of your computer system. Both the antiviruses get into a conflict, and thus end up freezing up the computer! That's why it is always recommended to use just one Antivirus program in a computer. If your computer starts up, but freezes or hangs after Windows loading in a minute or 2 or even less(mostly less than a minute), most probably you can get rid of this trouble by changing the Startup Programs.

Troubleshoot Hanging or Freezing Problems when computer starts up or Windows loads

As you won't be able to see the startup entries as the system will hang before you get there, you need to switch to "Safe Mode" and then continue the following steps. First of all, Press F8 before Windows logo appears, and just after your BIOS information is displayed to start the "Safe Mode". You have time of about one or two seconds to press F8, so Good Luck! After that, you will see options of how you want to load the windows: Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking, Safe Mode with Command Prompt, Start Windows Normally, and so on.
Just select "Safe Mode" and press enter.

Now after logging into this mode, click Start and type msconfig and click on "Startup" tab(For Windows 7). In case you're using the good old Windows, please visit here to see Startup Programs. In the window that will open, you will be seeing the programs that start up when Windows loads. Remove/disable (prefer disabling it, so that you're safe in worst case) the entries that you think might be causing the trouble. In case you're not sure about an entry, just let me know its name and I will suggest you what to do with it.

In case you have two antiviruses, or had recently installed some program after which this trouble started occurring, go to Control Panel and Add/Remove Programs and Uninstall the program or any one Antivirus program.

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