Thursday, October 11, 2012

How to Host Your Website at Cheapest / Minimum Cost

As till now, I have successfully hosted 3 websites on my own, I guess I should write about the experience and how one can easily host their website at a minimum cost. First of all, you need to have your developed website on your PC. The second process is to purchase your domain name, and then find a web host where you can host your website.

If you are developing your website on your own, then its really great thing to do. You can check my post about Web Designing here: All About Web Designing: Why I love Web Designing?.

Coming back to the point, if you're not a Web Designer, then you just have to select the cheapest Web Designing service provider. Usually, big brands charge much more than what a general web designing company will charge you. I understand that a customer just wants to ensure that he/she will get quality website, and for that trust, they only want to try big brands. But also, this is the choice which costs dearly too. So I suggest to avoid big brands and instead use services of freelancers, or other companies as they will charge you really low, and will provide the same quality. This decision can be tough, but that's where you can save really huge bucks. If you want me to suggest a company, I will say you should go for, where you'll for sure get cheap website with really great quality.

After you're done with the website designing, lets go to the Domain purchasing part. According to your preference or needs, you can purchase .com, .in, .info, .org, and many other domain names, but here again, I will say more bigger the brand is, more it is taking up money for just a NAME! You can get the same exact domain name of your choice from other Domain Name Registrars too, and at really margin-able discount. I don't know why people go for big names in Domain Name Registrations when every other registrar offers exactly the same domain name and TLD at very less cost! (May be E-mails might be tempting for them, but if this is the case, be aware that you can have a free e-mail on gmail on your official domain name. More info in this post: How to Use Your Domain Name with Gmail to get an email like

So to get a cheap domain name registrar, simply Google your required domain name by using "-" to omit big brands: e.g.: "", etc.

If you need my help to search for the cheapest price of any domain name on Web, I will be happy to help you find it out.

Now you know how to eliminate extra charges involved with registration of Domain Names and in Web Designing, its time to move on to the last step: Web Hosting Providers. About this part, most novice users end up paying way too much that what they actually needed to pay(really!). I will tell you an example about this later in this post how a novice customer might end up paying for services for no reason at all. Usually, Web Service packages have monthly costs, and summing it up for a year for a basic plan, it turns out to be near 1300 INR(usually minimum package available for a year), or near US$30. You might be amazed to know that usually you don't need to pay for your hosting! Yes, there are many free hosting providers out there! They even support PHP, E-mail services, huge monthly bandwidths(even more bandwidth than what you get in a paid package), and about 1GB of storage space for your website. I do understand that huge websites can not run in this environment. By saying huge, I mean social networks, and websites with very high activity can not work smoothly in this setup. BUT, all websites are not this much complex, and I will say about 20-30% of the websites can be easily hosted by using free hosting providers.

I have myself hosted my domains like, and some other websites using I am really in love with their services, and everything!! Also, it saves my bucks as now I don't have to worry about charges related to hosting of my websites. There are many other free web hosting service providers too, but I don't have any complaints(except the unavailability of auto-installer for CMSs) with 000webhost till now, so you're free to try others if you want to. As suggestions, I would like to suggest and too.

If you have any thoughts about this, or would like to share your knowledge about how you save extra bucks, you're most welcome! I would love to hear from you!! :)

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