Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Motorola Moto G (First Gen) 2013 Official Update for Android Lollipop 5.0 Released in India (XT1033)

Finally! Motorola has now officially declared that Lollipop, that is Android 5.0 has been launched for the Indian version of Motorola Moto G (First Gen), also identified as XT1033. Motorola had launched the XT1033 version which was basically differentiated by its dual SIM capability.

As you all might be knowing, Motorola had launched the second generation of Moto G, called the Moto G (2nd gen) in 2014 with various improvements over the original Moto G. Moto G 2nd generation has already received the much awaited Lollipop update, and the first gen users were awaiting eagerly to get their hands on the latest Android, althought they are already using Android KitKat. The material design and a few more features are the reason users are eager to get to use the Lollipop. Finally, the latest Android has arrived to Moto G first gen, just as promised by Motorola!

Motorola Moto G Updated Android Lollipop XT1033
Motorola Moto G featuring Android 4.4 will now receive the latest version, Lollipop in India

Moto G had owned the love of many because of it's awesome specifications, and the super-awesome price tag. Even it managed to convince me to sell my Samsung Galaxy Note II. Why? Because I just loved the idea of a phone running stock Android and that too Motorola! Here's a shoutout to Motorola for the awesomeness: MOTOROLA YOU'RE AWESOME! :-)

As far as the update is concerned, the release notes by Motorola say that there are many improvements regarding the way notifications are shown, a change in showing recent apps, ambient display, Motorola Assist, flashlight, an improvement in battery usage and ofcourse, the Lollipop UI!

Oh, and here's the link to the release notes in case anyone would love to read them while waiting for the update to arrive on their phones. Although I haven't received the update as of now, I'm very much positive I'll receive it very very soon!

And in case you've received it by now, feel free to comment your experience here!