Friday, October 12, 2012

How To Remove or Uninstall Babylon Toolbar from Web Browsers

Continuing the crackdown on sick toolbars that just get installed in our systems without your permission, it is Babylon's turn today. These toolbars get installed when a user installs a freeware which has bundled Babylon Toolbar with it. Most probably, the freeware software providers get paid for bundling Babylon toolbar in the packages. The thing Babylon toolbar does is it changes your default Search Engine Provider on all web browsers and your searches are then done by Babylon's own search engine, from which they might be making profits. But, why get installed in such a creepy way without user's permission?? Anyway, lets get back to our point. As Babylon doesn't get installed from Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs window, you'll have to manually remove it from anything it has infected.

Let's start with getting back our Firefox browser:

Babylon Toolbar stays as an Add-On of Firefox even after getting uninstalled from a system. Uninvited guest, right?
Follow these steps to remove it from Firefox and reset your browser:
1. Click on top-left button of Firefox.

2.Select Help > Troubleshooting Information
3. Click "Reset Firefox" on the screen.

4. Update your search preferences and you're done!

You should also delete files of the toolbar. To do this, go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\extensions\, and delete the folder.

Remove Babylon Toolbar from Google Chrome

1. Click on wrench menu on top-right.
2. Click on Extensions tab, and remove Babylon and any related extension from there.
3. Click on Basics tab, and change your Search Engine preferences. Make sure to delete Babylon's "Search the Web(Babylon)" from there.
4. Now change your Start up or New page settings.

If you still can't remove it, let me know and I'll be more than happy to help you.

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