Thursday, October 25, 2012

4 Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Now with about 10 months of experience with blogging about different topics, I am now getting a traffic >200 per day. Yes, hard work pays!!

Looking towards future, I had to think about the best practices which I need to follow to increase traffic. Hence, coming up with what I have gained.

1. First way to Increase Blog Traffic: Content Is the King

As a blogger, you should keep one thing in mind: the better the content, the better your blog is. So, aim for special topics every once in a while, and let them be the face of your blog. Every once in a while here means at least once a week.

Just write down about the latest thing you just learnt, as we learn something daily whether we're aware about it or not. For example, I am now going to write about Drupal today, because i am just done with editing a theme in Drupal 7, and learnt many things while doing it.

ways to increase blog traffic tips

2. Be Regular with Writing Blogs

If you're serious about blogging, just make sure you're regular with it. Obviously it doesn't mean that you should publish a post at 4pm every day! But you should write a post every once in two days at least. The topic need not be something for which you will need to spend an hour. Just go to any Q & A website, see what people are asking for, what their general questions are, and pick up the one which you think is really simply according to you, and you have got what you can write in 20 minutes!! Sounds simple? Yes, it actually is. If you write two posts a day, that sums up to be about 15 posts per month. If each post brings 10 visitors per day, you're getting 150 visitors in just one day at the end of the very first month!! 10 visitors?? What if your posts are way too great(than I'm expecting) and each gets roughly 50 viewers per day??? You can do the counting part I guess! ;)

3. Get Social with people and Do Promotions

This part is also as crucial as writing a post is. Don't believe me? Well, you'll believe only after you actually do this.

Every once in a while, you read a blog post by someone here or there, right? Whether it is about a gadget, some technology, or just some jokes, we all like reading blogs. But then, we just move on to other things after reading the post. Instead of closing the blog, what if you write your thoughts in the comments section of that post? Won't that give you an extra backlink, and not to forget, some new visitors??

Well, be social with everything when you're a blogger. Write comments telling the author what you think about his/her post, and what you loved in that post.

4. Guest Blogging

Yes, this is about the old thing you've always heard about: write guest posts.

Guest posting gives you an extra edge to increase your visitors, and provides you with a backlink too. Although Penguin update by Google won't recognise your backlink as much as it would have done in the past, but for sure your reputation will increase and you'll get traffic when people who love your post will go to your blog to read more of your content!

To get a list of websites that want you to write a guest post for them, Google "Write for us" with a word about what your topic will be. This way you'll hunt for the best blog for that topic or niche.

In case you would like to write a blog for All About Life, just let me know ! :)

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