Saturday, October 27, 2012

Free Alternatives for Microsoft Office (Free and Portable)

Today I'm listing 5 FREE and Portable alternatives which you can use in place of Microsoft Office. This will be helpful if you don't want to purchase Microsoft Office, or simply want to run away from Microsoft products.

As many open source communities are usually against Microsoft's working and profit-making strategies, there are literally many alternatives to everything that Microsoft offers. And many such products are even better than Microsoft, after all that's the real power of Open Source! Biggest example of this is our Google Chrome!! It has literally made Microsoft's Internet Explorer run back home.

If you want to use an alternative to MS Office, here are the products which you should use. And again, these are portable too! That means you can simply use a USB drive to use them, which can be used in case you're stuck in a Cyber Cafe with no MS Office!

1. LibreOffice Portable

LibreOffice Portable is an OpenOffice based alternative, which is compatible with all file formats of Microsoft Office.
Simply download the installer, open the file, and extract it to any location (it can be a USB drive too)

Download LibreOffice

2. Portable

As LibreOffice is developed using OpenOffice, all the components are just the same as in LibreOffice. But, the total size of OpenOffice is about 3/4th of the size of LibreOffice files. In case you have trouble running LibreOffice, consider using OpenOffice.

Download LibreOffice

3. Kingsoft Office Suite 2012

alternative to msoffice kingsoft office suite

In case you're experiencing compatibility issues with LibreOffice or OpenOffice, this is the suite that will help you out. Kingsoft claims highest compatibility with Microsoft Office. The full version of Kingsoft is paid, although a portable and free version has Writer, Presentation and Spreadsheets, which are respectively the same as MS Word, MS Powerpoint and MS Excel. I think these are just enough for most common uses. It is just 35.8MB in size.

Download Kingsoft 2012

4. SSuite Office Blade Runner

Blade runner is the portable version of SSuite's Office suite. It works as an alternative for MS Word and MS Excel, while other utilities such as email, instant messenger, pdf creator, etc. are also available with it. It is also free of cost.

Download SSuite Office Blade Runner

5. Softmaker Office 2008(paid, but shareware which you can use without paying)

"If you need a Microsoft Office alternative, which is also blazingly fast, friendly, and reliable, look no further", rightly says their official website. Although their latest versions are paid versions, there is a free-to-use version of 2008 which is available for download. It is available for Windows, Linux, Android Smartphones, Windows CE and Windows Mobile.

Download Softmaker Office

If you know about any other alternative, please let all of us know about it too! :)

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