A Tribute to Steve Jobs

Had a tough time selecting a topic to start from, or say about which i should open my heart out.
Making the choice a struggle were topics like a blog about my newly(just 15hrs ago) installed Ubuntu 11.10 Operating System, Open Source Softwares, about my start with learning Java, about my recent encounters with about 10 different type of CMS's(Content Management Systems), including Drupal, Joomla! and Wordpress, and praising Google for taking a lead in changing its privacy policy for the common user and its stand against SOPA. Need not mention, many many more topics are making rounds inside my head.

Finally, an old "news" just made me feel like it deserves to be talked about the most. It is about the departure of Steve Jobs, founder and CEO of Apple and some more big companies.

His life has been a great source of motivation for every "failure". His quotes, speech at a college convocation ceremony, and his "hunger" will always stay with me till death, i must admit.

"Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish"

This is a quote, that means a lot! He was always hungry even during his last days on Earth to work, to think of innivative ideas to make everything he's in, a success. And that's something that matters a lot!!!
We should not care about what people say, what your past has been, or what if you fail.

Failure is a chance to learn, not to get discouraged.

Having illiterate parents, selling coke bottles to get food, sleeping out in front of hostel rooms, dropping out of college, having got fired from a company he himself had founded, not getting invited by the then US President for a dinner with the best people in the field of technology, and many more could not stop him from being himself!

The only thing he always had was hope, determination, focus, competitive spirit and his quest for success!!

What do you think a man can hope about, when he is having empty coke bottles surrounding him?

Constant hard work(yes, in the right path), not caring about your present troubles, having belief in your own work, and striving for success is all that differentiates a common man, and the successful ones. The difference is so huge, that generally we won't believe that this is all it takes.

I'm not going to write more quotes here, because you can get all of them by Googling, instead, the motive was to speak my heart out about the guy, who has become the biggest inspirational person for me.

Thanks Steve, for failing so many times, for going through hard times, so that everyone can hope for the best, everyone can stand up again after falling hard!

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