Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dominos Pizza Coupon Promo Code for 50% off! HURRY!

I was just searching for an awesome coupon code to order a Farmhouse (Cheese Burst!!!) pizza from Dominos. Aiming to get as many benefits as you can while doing something is an instinct in all of us. And yes, I did succeed in getting a code for 50% off on Dominos Pizzas!! No, not some 20%, or 25% or even 30%, directly 50% off! ;)

The code?

Before confirming the price, just use the coupon code APP50 and enjoy the delicious pizza! ;)
Also, hurry up as this seems to be valid only for a very few days, I guess till Friday, 26th June 2015 only! Although, this code might again be re-introduced from time to time as I do remember enjoying a 50% off last year too.