Monday, January 30, 2012

Hack Any Windows OS using Command Prompt via a Limited Account

This is a trick which is always successful if you're given access to a limited account on a Windows OS and can use Command Prompt( or say MS-DOS), where restrictions are imposed(usually educational institutes do that). I knew about this from some time, and now posting it here.

   1. First of all, open Command Prompt. If Command Prompt is not where it should be(probably deleted), go to Run, and type cmd.exe and click OK. it will run.

   2. Now in the command prompt, type "net user pirate /ADD".
In the place of pirate, type any user name you want, to be used as the account name. I am creating a user named "pirate" here.

   3.  Now, type "net localgroup administrator pirate /add".
Our very own "pirate" will be an admin now. :-)

   4. Log off and log in to the computer by using the user account you have just created.
You're the admin now! Congrats! Party time! ;-)

This works smoothly on all Windows OS, before and including Windows XP.

However, in Windows Vista and 7, this is more tricky because by default even if you run Command Prompt, it can't have administrative priveleges to create a user account.This security hole has been fixed probably in these versions, and its great. :)


This is only for Educational purpose. Don't use it for any illegal use or where it can harm anyone...!!
I wont be responsible for anything.


Any Thoughts?