Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Story of Web Designing: Why Web Designing?

Today I am in a mood of writing about Web Designing, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Whenever I talk about my interest in Web Designing, people ask me "Why Web Designing?"
I say:

"because I love web designing, and Love is Blind you know ;)"

I just guess I have a passion of becoming a Web Designer, and this passion is inspired by the huge number of various websites on Internet which are one of the biggest companies, with huge turnovers, and public interactions. Creating something which the people will love, or which will help people in some way is what I want to do. Right now, I am just looking for opportunities in web designing, and learning about HTML, PHP, JavaScript and CSS as deep as I can. This is kinda "The Pursuit of Web Designing". :D

Web is one of the greatest inventions of mankind! People are connected by Internet, far away relatives and friends stay in touch via Internet chats, or video chats. This is an interesting thing, as Internet was born to inter-connect a few computers in a Network, but today the same Internet is connecting the whole world! There is a huge potential in this invention. Revolutions have started by using social networks on Internet. Moreover, ideas, entertainment, and whatever you can name, it is there on Internet. This range and power is what fascinates me to work in the field of Website Designing and related codings.

From next post, I will write my notes depending on what I have learnt, for use by people, and myself too, in case I forget about the flow of what I have learnt ;)

Long Live The Internet! \m/

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