Sunday, May 20, 2012

HTML Basics

First of all, the common thing which everyone may be knowing: HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language.

There are tags, which are used to represent information or data to the viewer in your own formatted way. Most of the tags have to be closed. e.g. in a sentence: "how are you?", if you want to have "how" in italic, are in bold, and you in italic, bold and underline, you have to use this:

<i>how</i> <b>are</b> <i><b><u>you</i></b></u> ?

Output on the Web Browser will be this:

how are you ?

One has to save the created page in .html format, so that web browsers know this is a html page.

The list of basic tags in HTML and what they do is here:

HTML Basic Tags

Sample Output of Sample
<b> abcd</b> abcd
<i> abcd </i> abcd 
<u> abcd</u> abcd
<big> abcd </big> abcd
<small> abcd </small> abcd
2<sup>nd</sup> 2nd
H<sub>2</sub>O H2O
<s> abcd</s> abcd

In listing these tags in the above table, I have used another tag called <table>. It is helpful in organising and presenting data in an arranged format. I will write about table tag in next post.

In case of ANY kind of doubt, or if you want to criticise me, you're welcome ;)

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