Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Entries for Innovation Jockeys Competition by Accenture and Yahoo!

In my previous post, I had written about an online competition, which is being run by Accenture India, and powered by Yahoo! India.

The winners will get awesome prizes too, as expected. Also, the idea will be made a reality if it wins.

I have submitted my ideas in all three categories: College, City and Home.

Lets Manage It is about an app which can help college students, and also other professionals in managing their tasks, priorities, etc.
It is just like a task manager, with some more optimized and productive features.
To check the details of other ideas, visit the links below.

Here are the the links to the ideas I have posted:

 Lets Manage It.

Blame Me

My Moment Book

Comments about the ideas are very much welcome. If you like the ideas, please do like them using your Facebook account.

And if you have an innovation, post it on the website.
Who knows if you're the Innovation Jockey they are searching for. :)

To know about Innovation Jockeys, visit here:

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