Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Another Small Scale Facebook Scam to Hack Your Account

We all know how many times Facebook users have been targeted by scams and tricks to hack their accounts, leave aside the ways by using phishing pages and all. Many of these attempts just go unnoticed from the Internet world.

Today, I just received a message from an account, which called itself "Admns Sec" of Facebook, saying my account has been reported by many users and will soon be blocked. If I want to keep my account, I should provide my password and email id to them. The silly, and foolish people don't know how easy it is to detect this fake message. Facebook won't contact like this fool did, and they won't ask for any email or password as they can access our accounts without that I think, in case they urgently need to check something.

Here's a screenshot of the message.

I think its easy to see that it's fake. English, font and also the outdated copyright year, and many more things easily tell it was just a foolish attempt to hack a faceboook account.

As obvious, I just reported that message to Facebook. Wanted to share this little attempt by fools to get passwords of accounts.

Make sure you never click any suspicious link on the Internet, as you never know which authority that "app" may get over your account.

Just a little alertness is enough to kick these people and their attempts!! :)
Comments about this post, and other attempts you know are welcome on this post.

Happy Facebooking!

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