Friday, January 27, 2012

Just installed Ubuntu 11.10

I just wanted to write about my experience (now of about 24hrs) with Ubuntu 11.10.
It is a Linux based OS, which has been developed from Debian.
The best thing about Linux based Operating System's is their Open Source license, that is no need to pay anything, and that it is developed by the best people of the world.

I didnt want to erase my already installed Windows XP due to some reasons. So the option was to install both the Operating Systems on the PC, such that every time the PC boots, it asks which OS you want to load.

I started by downloading an iso image of ubuntu 11.10 from Ubuntu's download page. I had downloaded a 32-bit version to be installed on my Pentium 4, 1GB RAM PC.

After burning the image to a CD, restarted the PC and changed BIOS settings to boot from CD. The setup was easy enough, and Ubuntu will guide throughout the way.

Then, select that you want to install Ubuntu along with Windows, so that everything runs normal.

Then, Just input some details like your name, country, keyboard format, and username with password, and you're ready to experience the power of Ubuntu in about 30 minutes.

Remember, the username you will use will not be the one that is displayed on the login screen of ubuntu.
Instead,"Your name" field is there which is used as the name of the account on login screen.

The installer continues in the meanwhile, and you can have a cup of coffee during that time.

Sorry to say, the above images are not my originals. Because the idea about blogging came just now. :-)

Here's the Ubuntu desktop on my PC :

Have installed Chromium browser(Google Chrome's original version) as it has more appealing and feature-rich interface than by default installed Mozilla Firefox. Yes, i do love mozilla too, but the love is a bit more for Chromium. :-)

Commands are typed in "terminal" of Ubuntu. It is just like command prompt of Windows, giving super powers to its user(only if they remember the codes to be used). Ubuntu is very secure from viruses and malwares because of its authentications needed when using administrative priveleges. It makes the admin do its normal work by being a normal user, and gives extra access only if needed and asks for password. This makes it secure.

More info about Ubuntu, if you're shifting from Windows is here.

Will write more about it after experiencing Ubuntu more. :-)

Do experience ubuntu!

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