Thursday, November 1, 2012

Spybot - The All In One Solution for Most Malwares and Sick Web Bowsers Toolbars like Sweetpacks, Funmoods and Babylon

As the amount of malwares is increasing day by day, I get to hear about a number of new toolbars which don't get uninstalled from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer (IE), and other browsers, almost everyday. I have myself experienced the troubles these toolbars cause, and also, the risk they pose to our system's privacy and security. So now I am going to write about this wonderful software(a number of 1's and 0's, as per the programmer who programmed it), which can be used anywhere, anytime, and that too, FREE of cost! :)

Risks Posed by Web Toolbar based programs/Malwares

Well, I will call them all malware for sure, because all such softwares that give you fancy emoticons, smileys, and offer to provide you 'this' and 'that' are just a kind of bait, set to trap your system's security and privacy! Toolbars like SweetIM, Sweetpacks for Facebook, Funmoods, and many many other toolbars get installed in your web browsers and have access to your chats, and all related stuff!

While you're feeling happy for the awesome emoticon you just saw because of Sweetpacks, or Funmooods on Facebook, it is highly possible that the same toolbar can note down your chats and attack your privacy.

Kids are the easiest targets for this, and they download and install such toolbars without suspecting anything. Well, I'm not saying that Funmoods or related toolbars do this, but I simply DON'T TRUST them! A fancy smiley is not worth the security and privacy of my system.

Using Spybot- Search and Destroy

Here comes this awesome software which is freeware, and still does wonders which many paid softwares won't be able to do!! All you have to do is run a scan or "Check for Errors", and remove all the entries or whatever it instructs you to do. Simple, right?

You can download it from here.
And yes, after repairing errors, make sure you click "Immunize" button to inject anti-malware 'injections' in files and cookies.
In the image above, you can see the screenshot I have just taken and how easily you can get rid of toolbars like Sweetpacks, SweetIM, Funmoods, Babylon toolbar, Chameleon Toolbar, and any other related sick stuff.

And yes, Happy Halloween!! :D


  1. I went to the link were I can download the spyware but I dont know what to download or where? If click on the link "Download Spybot 2.1 Free Edition" I get a load of other options! please help me I'm not really good with computers, actually really bad.. Thanks

    1. Hi, sorry for the late reply. You can use the link below to download Spybot :)
      Hope that helps!


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