Saturday, January 12, 2013

Best 3 Antiviruses for Android Phones in 2013

We all love our Android phones for the power they give us. But, remember the great dialogue from the Spiderman movie : "With great power comes great responsibility." Android phones have become favorite targets of viruses and spambots, because Android is really, really powerful. So, today I'm just writing my opinion about the best 3 FREE Antivirus apps available for Android smartphones.

Being busy with installing games for my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 N7100, I just remembered an article I had read somewhere saying many of the apps available on Google Play Store are infected with viruses which steal information from phones and can damage it. Immediately, I started searching for some light-weight(althought Note 2 has 2 GB RAM and is quad-processor), yet efficient Antivirus app which is free, just like our Android is. I installed some of the trustable antiviruses available on Play Store to test them with my Galaxy Note 2. Here goes my opinion about the top 3 antiviruses for Android.

1. avast! Mobile Security

The first antivirus that I had installed in my Note 2 was Avast!, but I just started testing other apps and had uninstalled it. After testing other free antiviruses like AVG Free edition, Norton and a few others, I went back to avast! Mobile Security and no regrets now! :)

We get many features in this which are given to only premium users. It is having a great scanner which scans apps when they're installed and executed, and many other features without ads too! Also, Ant-Theft is there, although I don't think I need it as Note 2 is having inbuilt anti-theft by Samsung :)

Stars? I will give avast! 4.8 / 5, because there is always a room for improvement in becoming even more light weight in terms of memory usage.

Download avast! Mobile Security

2. AVG Free Version or AntiVirus FREE

This was my first choice for testing as I have used AVG on PCs and we all know it has always been great! But, after installing AVG on my Note 2, it started causing my issues in free flow of screens. E.g.: it got stuck in a photo in Facebook app in full screen and was not responding to "Back" key until I pressed it more than three times. I minimised the Facebook app and tried again, but it was behaving in the same way. I uninstalled AVG and damn! Facebook app started working just normally. After this, I did not take the pain of installing AVG Free again.

Inspite of this issue, AVG also provides less functions than avast! because obviously no one will purchase their PRO version if they give all functions in their free version. That convinced me to try Norton Antivirus for Android.

Download AVG Free Antivirus for Android

3. Norton Security and Antivirus

This is not exactly free, but in free version, you get basic security which is really trustable. Also, it is light weight now, meaning takes less RAM than usual antivirus apps.

Download Norton Security and Antivirus

So which Android phone are you having and which Antivirus app do you trust? Lets discuss! :)

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