Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Launch of : My First Step in Entrepreneurship

After thinking about various plans of starting a startup, I just thought of starting a Web Designing and Development company first, as it will give a great exposure, help to build an awesome team, and will give me some experience about how businesses are run. Thinking about this, I recently started ( with a friend. Yesterday, I had launched its website too :)

About the launching of website, the 5 days of continuous hard work along with mild fever which stayed for 2 days, will be a memorable milestone for me, as it made me step into the business world. It will be an enjoyable (i'm being positive :P ) thing to go to college for about 11hours, and then work on this business of ours. Excitement and the will to do something different and unique in life is what keeps me happy with this venture of ours.

I have even made some future plans for our Instead of Web development and designing, SEO and all other related services, can also launch its own web products! To start with, simply, this could be the engine behind a startup company launched by team (or Knights) and I can bet, it will be an awesome startup!!! Because the team will be a talented one, and so will be the product.! Mobile apps, web based startups like a social network or something useful, and many other options can be out from Labs in future. If any Web Developer/ Web Designer / Graphics Designer out there is reading this post and you're interested in joining a team which wants to change the WWW, we should definitely talk soon!! :)

"Dream Is Not What You See In Sleep, Its Something Which Doesn't Let You Sleep!!"

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