Monday, October 29, 2012

Announcing your BIG plans? That may take away your motivation!

I just read an awesome post online which says that as an Entrepreneur, one should never announce their plans in advance, as it makes one less motivated to accomplish it. I just loved that post, and would agree with it. I am have had such experiences in past where at one point, I get excited for doing something, I am full of energy and there's no reason why that won't happen, literally! :) But then, I tell my plan of succeeding in that to others, "how I am going to do it", "why it will happen for sure", "how great it will be to do it", and bla bla, and there I lose the energy, and the motivation I had to push forward. My brain felt happy and satisfied by just talking about it, and by telling others that I will do it, and as you might have expected, I failed.!! Revealing each and everything, like telling everyone how great your idea is, how it will rock the world, how everything will happen before you have even started working on it is hence not advisable. Doing this, you will either leave your idea, or in a better case where you finish the idea, it will be missing the qualities it SHOULD have got!

This thing doesn't apply for just Entrepreneurs. In fact, the experience I had about failing in something which I loved and just wanted to have, was not about an idea, but doing that "something". And I had failed miserably in accomplishing it. "Mere talking and day dreaming diverts attention" - I failed to follow this even though I used to read it daily as a poster in my room. I tried to fight back, but it was too late.

Failures in life - Either learn from them and fight back, or consider yourself dead if you can't fight!

Here's the link to the post I just read:

Below are some timeline events connected to my life. I'm writing them here just for my memory :)

"Never stand begging for what you have the power to earn."

"Never Settle For Less When You Deserve The Best...!!"

"Stop crying for what you dnt have, Start cheering for what you can achieve."

"The Past Keeps Haunting Me, And The Future's Questns Dnt Let Me Even Stay In D Present..!! Present Itself Infected! Mingled, Messed Up Brain!!! :-)"

"The More I Think, The More I Sink.. :-("

"All Storms, Ultimately Pass...!! :)"

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